Thursday, November 17, 2011

In The Office

Just like every other Monday through Friday morning, I arrived to work this morning with my wonderfully aromatic cup of Dunkin and went to town doing as I do any other day. It was as I set my coffee down and went to place my purse under my desk that I realized that I, the secretary, am very antiquated. Not personally of course, with my snazzy scarves and hip jewelry but instead my office space.
One of my very first tasks each morning is flipping the switch to power up my typewriter. Yes I said it, Typewriter. In the days of tech savvy companies and interaction through the World Wide Web, I am still required to type work orders on the good old Brother Typewriter. 

Granted this may be a few years older then my nifty little friend but believe me, it's brutal! As a result of using this little beauty I have also invested all of my savings in Wite-Out. Yes that's right, dear old Wite-Out has become my new BFF. Not because I'm painting my nails with it or sniffing it but because my goofy little fingers can never figure out how to slow down. Hence the anticipation of Wite-Out stocks going through the roof. 
As I reflected upon this devastating statistic I reached over and flipped the switch AGAIN, on my FM Stereo Cassette Player. No, I'm not still trudging along to my mix tapes but yes I am still listening to the radio via a radio, with an antenna no less! 

  So as you start your mornings each day, think of me and say a little prayer that all my gadgets are in order and working functionally! Till then..... 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

And then there are your 30's

All to often lately I've been bombarded with feelings of what it's like to age. Whether it's girlfriend "talk" about mammograms, prescription prices or aches and pains, I've been feeling every bit of my 33 years. So as a reflection I have decided to make myself a little stronger, a little happier and a whole lot sexier as I approach 34.
I stood in front of my wardrobe this morning and pouted...literally frown and all! With hands pressed firmly upon my ever growing hips, a sigh escaping my lips and a quick roll of the eyes, I would be resorting again to my "go to" black slacks. Mind you I work in the funeral industry so anything too bright and happy would be a travesty but a little color can't hurt. Color is a fundamental part of happiness. 
Think back to your 13 year old self and how enthusiastically excited you were to get your grubby little hands on that turquoise and hot pink IOU sweatshirt. Yes you wore it everywhere. Yes the graphic print front wore off before you outgrew it but think how happy you were to be swaddled in your painfully colorful sweats. Now think to 18 and how you went to your Senior Prom in that royal blue dress. You had never felt more like a princess and good luck to anyone else who showed up to the soiree, because you looked damn fine girl. When you were 26 you were honored to be asked to stand as your sisters Maid of Honor and couldn't have been any happier with her choice of red for the bridal party. Of course she was the sparkling beauty that day but think of how happy you are looking back at the pictures of you in your mermaid flair "Marilynesque" dress. 
So why then, if color is so monumental in our happiest of memories, are we inclined later in life to throw on the boring, the bland, the blah. Yes maybe our hips have taken a different shape. Maybe too our middle is a bit more round and plump but that is no excuse for pouts in the morning that dare you to dive back under the covers. 
So next time your closet laughs at you as your rubbing the sleep from your eyes...stretch a second longer, smile a tiny bit wider and realize that no matter how much your body has changed, you still have that sexy little sassy attitude that can take you anywhere your heart desires!