Friday, December 23, 2011

Brotherly Love

     As the last work day of the week winds down, I am eagerly anticipating my brothers homecoming! Gill actually only lives about 30 minutes away but it's far enough that we don't get to see each other very often. So as he is probably packing his overnight bag and making sure to bring along his girlfriends gifts, for me to wrap, I am planning our traditional Christmas Eve Eve. ;0)
     When Gill and Katie arrive tonight we'll go to town placing all those colorful packages under the tree. As the bubbly and beer start to flow, Mom and Dad will join in to watch Christmas Vacation and laugh our butts off. Most of these evenings have ended with my little brother, eight years my junior, and I talking til the wee hours of the morning. 
     Like my sister and I, Gill and I have a special bond and these moments are the one's that mean the world to me. I am so very happy that he has found Katie, because they truly complete one another, and I love that she goes with the flow and has become a part of our traditional fun!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions

     Last night I was lucky enough to partake in one of my most recent annual holiday traditions. My little sister, Anneliese, picked me up and we headed into the madness of holiday traffic. First stop was the mall to shop for various items to be checked off our "To-Buy" list. As usual, I have been done shopping since last week so I'm simply along for the ride. As Anneliese picked and added things to her arm full of items, I momentarily slipped into panic and disbelief. It wasn't the lines, it wasn't the lack of merchandise, it was simply the size of the chicks shopping in a certain store. Apparently to step within the confines of the big EX you must wear a size (-)4! That's right, I thought it strange as well, but then I glimpsed a pencil walk by in a set of high heeled boots (which she clearly could not walk in). She was chatting away on her bling accessorized i-Phone and chomping her jaws on what I assume was sugar free gum, which probably substituted for dinner. It was at this exact moment that I tweeted away about the drama induced fog I was in. To which two of my grade school friends responded with #OccupyEX tweets, completed with talk of donuts and lots of fun. And a smile was had by all.
     As Anneliese and I speed raced through the throngs of parents, teens and families dressed for Santa pictures, we were silently planning our "After Party". See for the past 3 years we have completed our shopping and picked a place for margaritas accompanied with chips and salsa. So as the last item was purchased we headed for the car and agreed on the Olive. Seated in our both munching on stuffed mushrooms and plenty of soup and salad we downed a pitcher of beautifully sweet Sangria. And as two sisters only 4 years apart, exhaled, we shared yet another tradition. Last minute shopping and Yummies!!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trimming the Tree

      Recently I joined my sister and her family for some quality "Christmas Tree decorating" time. Of course the night started off with my 2 year old niece being asked to put the Christmas balls on the tree. To which she reach in the Tupperware storage container, palmed a shiny red and white glass ornament, and tossed it at the tree. Yes I know, balls are meant to be thrown! 
     But the highlight of the night was when I overheard Timothy telling his father that he wanted to put the star atop the tree. As his little 6year old self explained, it was important to him because his teacher had told him earlier in the day why most people placed a star on their tree. As I directed my attention to his story he went into detail about how Mrs. B had taught his class that, the night Jesus was born, a bright star was place in the sky. As a public school teacher I was immediately struck by Mrs. B's decision to breach the biblical story of Jesus' birth. We are a christian family and both Timothy and Rilynn were baptized in the Catholic Church, but creationism in school is virtually unheard of in the public school system here in Good Ol' Jersey. It was only an instant later that I found myself smiling with a tear in my eye as Timmy went on to explain Dawli, Hannukah and Kwanzaa. I was filled with pride knowing that my little nephew would grow to be an honest humble man. 
Later that night I fell in love all over again as he sat nestled in my lap as we surfed the internet researching all types of religious and cultural beliefs. The beauty of religion is that you don't have to subscribe to a set of standards to honor the beauty of differences. 
     So as you celebrate this year, may Timmy & I wish you a blessed holiday season. xoxo

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Loves

There are two little things in my life that mean the world to me. Yes, you guessed it, Timothy & Rilynn. Today, Monday December 5th, 2011, my dear sweet boy turns 6 years old. What most people do not know about me  is that 6 years ago today my life was saved. 
In December of 2005 my life was at an ultimate low. For no reason other then I was enormously depressed. I've spent a good portion of my life struggling with depression and I had always experienced Highs and Lows. At this particular point in time I was at a loss. I found happiness in nothing and no amount of time or energy could help me "snap out of it". 
Then at 4:00 AM on a chilly December morning I received a call that would change my whole world. Anneliese, my younger sister, was in labor with her first child. Being new to the whole Aunt thing, I rushed to the hospital in a flurry and announced that I was there to see "Anneliese Cornwall". Apparently in my sleep induced fog I had forgotten that my sister had been married for some time and was no longer a Cornwall. When I finally convinced the Labor & Delivery Nurses that I was in fact the soon-to-be Aunt and must have left my mind at home I found Anneliese, Tim & my Momma enduring contractions in anticipation of the little guys arrival. This went on for a few hours and Anneliese was a trooper.
Then at around 9:52 AM life as we all knew it changed. Timothy Joseph Eddis, Jr. was born and the sun shone a little brighter. After some time with Mommy & Daddy and of course Nanny, little Timmy was handed off to me! I don't remember crying, I don't remember talking, I don't remember much of anything other then the cloud of warmth that enveloped me. In that moment Timmy saved me from myself. Life was completely worth living and I would make sure to thank him, silently, each and everyday for opening my eyes!
Since then we have welcomed Rilynn May Eddis to the family as well and just like Timmy she is the force behind me: to keep my head up, eyes open and smiling.